Finally, A Dry Autumn

The record rainfalls this year have taken a break and left us with a long-deserved dry stretch of beautiful September and October weather!  Here at our wedding and event center in the North Carolina mountains crisp cool nights and blue skies have ruled much of the last couple months interrupted by only a few inches of rain.   Unbelievably, we endured an average of seven inches of rain per month January through August of this year!

Not once all summer did we run our irrigating pump for water from our pond.  In years past that has kept our ceremony lawns bright and green and required many hours of irrigating.  But now soft, mushy, lawns have dried out enough and bumpy gravel roads are once again smooth after repairs.  The new french drainage ditches have helped dry the wedding ceremony sites.

As we begin November we are near the annual rainfall record for this area in the North Carolina mountains.  And who knows what the Winter and next year’s summer season will bring?

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