One month of bitter cold does not disprove global warming. However, this is the coldest month we have had here at our event venue in the North Carolina mountains in the eight years we have been here. Tuesday January 7 we recorded a low at Brahma Ridge of minus four (an older thermometer read minus five) and the high that day was only eighteen degrees. Not wedding or camping weather. Pipes froze for a day at two of our buildings but no burst pipes. It was a minor inconvenience but, needless to say, we are hustling to keep there from being a repeat of that. And our old kitties have been kept inside at night.

Snow this winter has been limited to only flurries and dustings. Only a very few of us here want to see some accumulation as we do not want heavy snow weighting down our tent pavilion. Plenty of birds have stayed for the winter but we have resisted hanging bird feeders in light of the problems neighbors have had with bears tearing down the feeders. Squirrels are one thing but bears are another! Keep warm!

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