Garden Time!

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Tomatoes, Pumpkins, Peppers, Cantaloupes, Basil, Onions, Okra, Broccoli, Dill, Sweet Potatoes, Watermelons, Garlic, Lettuce, White Potatoes, Eggplant, Cilantro, Swiss Chard, Cabbage, Summer Squash, and Cucumbers.

Spring Update – weather, gardens, etc…

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Now that Spring 2014 is in full gear we can now observe which perennial plants did not survive the below zero weather nights of the past winter. Some vegetation varieties are just not turning green with new growth.

Our multi-colored daisies that bloomed so prolifically last year have not shown any intent of returning this year. The Black-eyed Susans made it through winter well, though, and look good coming back. Butterfly Bushes took a beating with most limbs and branches “freeze-dried” and now only sparse new growth is evident near the base of the plants. Neighbors have reported the same with their Butterflies.

Big Snow

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tent-in-deep-snow1The ten inches of snow we received Wed-Thurs here in the NC mountains was the second-deepest we have had since we moved to Brahma Ridge nine years ago.  We were completely snowed in for over 48 hours.  But some melting is on the way.

snowbanks-at-tent3We waged a battle from Wed afternoon until wee hours early Thurs morning keeping accumulating snow swept off of the tent pavilion where we host weddings, receptions, and other events.  Too much weight on the tent could result in stressing/bending the tall metal masts – possibly preventing us from lowering and raising the entire structure. 

Neighbors volunteered their help when fatigue set in and a needed break in the snow’s intensity around midnight allowed us to get a nap before returning at 4:00 AM to finish clearing nearly all remaining snow off the tent.

table-in-snowFriday we began removing snow from the north side with the tractor.  We left the snowbanks on the west and south sides as they will melt and drain away from the tent on their own.

Snow is finally melting now two days after the storm.  It was the first big snowstorm to hit us after our commitment two years ago to leave our tent up year-round. 

removing-snow-from-tent3We saved the tent pavilion from damage and, thanks to some upcoming warm weather and more melting, tables are set and ready for hosting weddings and events at our venue in the NC mountains.