Glamping is here!

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Camping at Brahma Ridge has always been a favorite lodging choice for brides, grooms, their guests, even their parents. Each year we add more space for campers and more amenities for their enjoyment.  We  have had hot showers for campers’ use ever since we opened as a wedding venue eight years ago. 

But last year we added more campsites in a newly-cleared area of woods alongside a little stream – still close to the bath house with hot showers (and where Holly brings out hot coffee and tea each morning!).

This year in 2015 we have added some new special camping options – extra comfy structures furnished with the comforts of home including queen-size beds.

Our new camping atmosphere is “glamping,” short for glamorous camping.     Close to nature in the mountains yet elegant in our own rustic way.


For some, six inches is only a dusting…

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view from overlook                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I

Feb 26Feb 25

I know it looks like a lot more than the six inches of


snow that fell last night and for Bostonians it would be


only a dusting.  But it did keep us busy into the


wee hours of morning shakin and rattlin snow off the


Brahma Ridge tent pavilion.

Wedding Music

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Brahma Ridge brides and grooms choose their own music for their wedding day.  We have hosted bands, DJs, and artists ranging from bluegrass and country to rock n roll of all kinds.Music at Brahma Ridge (1024x683)